Asghar Farhadi: Life and Cinema


The release of A Separation (2011) was a milestone for Asghar Farhadi: After winning a slew of awards, including Iran’s first Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Farhadi was internationally celebrated as a new face in Iranian cinema. While Farhadi continues to establish himself as an auteur of suspenseful melodrama (his first international production, The Past, was released in 2013), little has been written in Western film criticism about the director’s filmography, which dates back to the early 2000s. In Asghar Farhadi: Life and Cinema, Hassannia traces Farhadi’s origins as an Iranian scriptwriter and director in contextual analyses for each of his six feature films, which also include Dancing in the Dust, Beautiful City, Fireworks Wednesday and About Elly. The book also includes an exclusive, in-depth interview with the filmmaker about his work.

“Tina Hassannia’s perceptive, eloquent critical examination of Asghar Farhadi’s work traces his thematic and artistic development over six feature films in a way that illuminates the writer-director’s originality and engagement with crucial social and human issues in both Iran and the modern world. It’s a rich, thought-provoking study.” – Godfrey Cheshire

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Excerpts and Press

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Interview with Tina Hassannia: Understanding the Greatness of Asghar Farhadi from Fandor Keyframe on Vimeo.

Video Essay: Asghar Farhadi: Life & Cinema from The Critical Press on Vimeo.

A reading of “Asghar Farhadi: Life & Cinema” by author Tina Hassannia from The Critical Press on Vimeo.

Peter Labuza, Tina Hassannia, F.X. Feeney – Q&A Session: Book Soup 2014 from The Critical Press on Vimeo.